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Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance, Sydney

Gardening was once a hobby, but to maintain a well maintained garden is a regular and skilled task, which requires substantial time and energy. A skilled gardener is required for a well-manicured lawn and a beautiful garden. What once had been restricted to just the backyard, a proper front lawn and/or a garden is now included in consideration while planning a home, office premise or a commercial area. Just for that ‘touch of green’ in concrete and steel environment.

Thus proper cleaning and maintenance of these gardens and lawns are also given a considerable amount of importance and the cost of it is included in the property maintenance costs. Sydney boasts of 1.5 million dwellings, out of which 60% are detached houses. Most of these houses and the commercial spaces of Sydney has their own lawns and gardens. To maintain these lawns professional gardeners are sought for frequently.

What Does The Google Average Monthly Search Results Indicate?


Demand For Lawn Mowing Service In Sydney - Google adwords data

As can be seen from the chart above, there are as many as 28,115 searches made for lawn mowing services on a monthly basis from Sydney. This is almost 35% of the total 78,780 searches that are made from the whole of Australia. This clearly emphasizes what was being discussed shortly before. The residents of Sydney need and seek professional help in maintenance of their lawns, to keep their premises immaculate and pleasing to the eye.

B&R Company And Our Lawn Mowing Services in Sydney And Suburbs


We at B&R Company have been giving gardening services to the residents of Sydney along with our cleaning and maintenance services for more than twenty years. We appoint expert gardeners for ultimate lawn care. We are equipped with specific tools and technology for proper maintenance of your lawn or a complete makeover. Our gardeners are available at reasonable rates and are ready for service at flexible hours. B&R Company’s lawn services in Sydney includes:

You can fix the schedule of our lawn services as per your needs- daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We are also available for those who require lawn services seasonally or on special occasions. Our rates are at par with all other skilled gardeners and you are assured of 100% satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?


We are reliable, certified and insured
We are available locally
We are flexible in time and pricing
We are updated in technology and techniques.

For further knowledge and/or appointment for lawn mowing services in Sydney contact us today +612 9453 1322 or send us an email at