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Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance In Sydney

Serving Sydney and Melbourne Metropolitan area since 1992. Trust the experts!

We provide you the carpet cleaning services at reasonable price. Our carpet cleaning services are scientific and efficient. Our trained cleaners are equipped with latest techniques and equipment for domestic carpet cleaning as well as commercial carpet cleaning.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process


Daily Carpet Cleaning Includes The Following

Monthly Carpet Cleaning Includes The Following

Why Would You choose BR Company's Carpet Cleaners

Our professional carpet cleaners works as per the carpet cleaning checklist mentioned in our website.

Additional Services That We Provide Are

At B&R cleaning company we also provide upholstery steam cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, anti-allergen carpet cleaning, dust mite treatment for carpet, and rug cleaning  - residential and commercial

B&R Company to Fight Tough Stains

Stains are the greatest enemies of a carpet. They spoil the beauty of a carpet, damages the fiber and create bad odor. We generally would advise you to mop or sponge off every spill as soon as it happens to avoid staining, but some stains are inevitable and hard to deal with. Call us for complete stain removal.

Some Of The Toughest Stain And Blots On Carpet That We Deal With Are:

Juice stain on carpet


Juice and cola stains- the most common of them all. The telltale watery mark disgraces the carpet looks. We assure complete stain removal from carpet with dry cleaning.


pets pee stain on carpet


Pet mess- not only causes stain, but also leads to bad odor, rather stinks! We come equipped to deal with it all.



coffee or tea stain on carpet


Coffee and tea spills- small accidents do happen. Need not worry we have natural cleaners that will remove stains and not the pigment of your carpet.


blood stain on carpet


Blood stains- small or big, blood stains look gross! Call us early to avoid the stain to get tough from carpet.



ink stain on carpet


Ink marks – easy to remove for carpet cleaning professionals like us. Need help, just call.



vomit stain on carpet

Vomit tarnishes- puking can never be memory to cherish! The sooner you get the stain removed the better to wipe off the bad ordor and the bad memories. Our cleaning professional can remove this type of stain from carpet.



urine stain on carpet


Urine stains- the little baby puddle stain on the carpet can be removed efficiently by us with our cleaning machines and agents. Take action to remove the stain and not the carpet.


nail polish stain on carpet


Cosmetic stains- nail polish and lipstick stains are not so easy to remove like the blush on your cheek. Keep the memories remove stains- get in touch with us for complete stain removal.


tar stain on carpet


Tar stain- some tar that must have walked in with you from the roads? We have the efficiency to clear the blemish and keep your carpet gleaming.



bleach stain on carpet


Bleach stain- some accidental drips? Hard to clean, but we do know how to repair.



Candle drip scars on carpet


Candle drip scars – leave it to the experts for delicate removal of candle melts and stains from the carpet’s fibers. We do it with care.



paint stain on carpet


Paint blobs- different types of paints, different methods. Our professional carpet cleaners know it all. Trust us to remove


rust stain on carpet


Rust stains- those ugly, unwanted reds on your life, generally caused by metal legs of furniture and planters. Our carpet cleaners knows the trick to get them removed.


grease stain on carpet


Grease stains- ugly and mucky, can spread if done unprofessionally. We do it efficiently keep the gleam of the carpet and not the grease.



Sydney Carpet Cleaning Service Areas

If you need our carpet cleaning services or have an inquiry regarding any cleaning services that we offer call us at +612 9453 1322 or contact us for free estimate