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Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaning Sydney

We at B&R Company are no doctors, but our experience in household and commercial cleaning for over 23 years have given us the understanding of reducing allergies effectively.

Most of the people spend as much as half of their lives staying indoors at their residences no matter how busy their lifestyle may be. So they lay vulnerable to the allergens present in their home environment in spite of regular cleaning habits. Of course regular cleaning reduces allergen infestation, but there are always some present hidden under carpets, drapes, grouts and crevices. It is not only the dust and mite that cause allergies and asthmas, the other common indoor allergens are grass pollen, pet hair, tobacco smoke and some more. It is how much the sufferer is exposed to these allergy triggers that determines the extremity of their sufferings.

Carpets are the main breeding grounds of these allergens. The fiber in the carpets attracts the dust and mites and the pet dander from the pets lazing around on them. The residents bring in more dust and pollen from outside with their shoes. Not only that, the carpet fibers also attract the toxic air pollutants from the indoor air. Thus frequent professional anti-allergen carpet cleaning is essential to reduce the chances of diseases like allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema, itching eyes and rashes.

B&R Company has devoted time and training on anti-allergen carpet treatment for allergy relief. Our anti allergen carpet cleaning takes care to remove the allergens while not causing any damage to the carpet material. The anti-allergen powder specially formulated for carpets is sprinkled. The powder is then spread through the fiber of the carpet with the help of a brush. The powder is made to stay on the carpet for 2-3 hours for effective results; after which the carpet is steam cleaned for a clean and healthy environment for your family.

We advise an anti-allergen carpet cleaning re treatment after 90 days in case of heavy contamination.

B&R Company’s Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaning is:


B&R Company is prompt in response. As soon as you book an appointment with us our team will contact with you and visit your home at your convenient time. After final assessment and consultation they will provide you with a no-obligation quote for our anti-allergen carpet cleaning service. You can rely on us for reducing at least 90% of allergens from your carpets after the first service.

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