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After Builders Cleaning In Sydney

The constructors offer a token clean up after construction or renovation, but that does not clean up the total mess. Professional cleaners are required for cleaning residential and commercial pro construction cleaning, so that you are can enjoy the new house or office premises without having to work on hands and knees for hours to clean it before use.

Getting an extension for your house or office space or getting them renovated can bring a pleasant change in your life. But when the builders leave, after completing their task the place may seem hellish!

The mess, the trash, the rubbish that they leave behind, let alone those inches of dust and dirt becomes a headache, literally! It would take you more than several hours and consequent backaches before you can get your clean and refreshed for you to start living in comfortably. It is thus wise to appoint a good after builder cleaner to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

BR Company offers the professional after builders cleaning services in Sydney. Our company is covered under the Public Liability Insurance and fully paid Workers Compensation Insurance. Our after builders cleaners in Sydney are hired by us are trained and efficient to deal with after construction mess of:

After Builders Cleaning Mess We Take Care In


After Construction Cleaning Mess We Take Care In - Our work

We offer comprehensive and thorough after builders cleaning services in Sydney. Below we have enlisted down the following post renovation cleaning services, which you can expect from our after builders cleaners to do for your bathroom, bedroom, dining room, Kitchen, Living Room, Hallways & Foyers area in cleaning the after construction mess



Dining Room


Living Room

Hallways & Foyers

Benefits Of Using Our After Builders Cleaning Services In Sydney

B&R Company have been serving in and around Sydney, New South Wales for the last 20 years as reputable and reliable after builders cleaners. Our after builders cleaners in Sydney are efficient in residential and commercial cleaning. Among the other customer friendly cleaning packages of B&R Company, after builders cleaning is another feather in our straw.

We also provides post construction rubbish removal services

We also provide after builders/post construction rubbish removal services at a affordable rate which includes in removing - Floor tiles, Wood, gravel, window frames and glass, internal fittings, metal, steel, copper, aluminium, mesh, bricks, marbles, floor tiles, Roof Tiles, kitchen and bathroom waste, damaged carpet, timber waste, after construction materials which are not required any more, shades, fall ceiling materials etc

Service Areas In Sydney

You can avail the after builders cleaning services of BR Company all over Sydney. Our service wings are stretched all across

To know about B&R Company’s builders cleaning services in Sydney and surrounding area, get in touch with us. We assure that you will not be disappointed with our services, like the thousand other household who have experienced our cleaning services.

To book an appointment or other information, give us a call at +612 9453 1322 , fill up the contact us form with requirement or send us an email at