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Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Once you are well into a daily cleaning regime, a weekly cleaning will not be as daunting as it sounds. The main objective of weekly cleaning should be thorough cleaning of the house. It is not an overwhelming task and with regular and efficient cleaning habits your weekly task can be minimalized.

Here is a checklist to help you get things done at the weekend and still have lots of time to spend with your friends and family.

Maintaining a Checklist Helps You To:




Living Room

Dining Room


Lobby, Stairways and Halls

Along with a checklist there are a few more things to be considered to get your cleaning around the house, quicker and better. Here are few of those tips

Do not aim for perfection- do not pay too much attention to the details. If you are into weekly cleaning regime, be assured your home is clean. Wasting too much time on cleaning a certain corner would mean wasting your time.

Keep your supplies within reach-this certainly gets half the work done. Maintain a list of the things that you would need for cleaning around the house well within your reach while you are working. Carry them around in a bucket or a basket. If you are into natural cleaners, keep them ready and stored in plastic or glass spray bottles before you start cleaning. Keep an adequate amount of cloth and towels to be used as wipes. Keep rubber gloves, goggles and any other safety devices that you might need. Make sure that your cleaning gadgets are in working conditions and the tools are handy.

Plan strategically- it is best to work “top- down” and “outside- in”. Always start from the higher places in a room keeping the floors for the last. This would mean you will not have to redo the floors after you clean the walls and ceilings. Working outside in helps you to avoid getting dirt from the outside being trafficked inside all over again.

You can follow this schedule and tailor it to fit your need and convenience. House cleaning like every other task is easy if a routine is maintained. Regular cleaning saves time and the money needed to pay a professional cleaner.