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Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen is the core of a home, and probably the area which is most prone to contamination and infestation. Keeping a kitchen clean is a must, whether it is a residential kitchen or a commercial one. It is for the safety of the people working in the kitchen as well as for those to whom the food is being catered. Often kitchen cleaning seems to be an additional chore, but if done methodically should be just a matter of minutes.

It is better to categorize the cleaning to daily, weekly and monthly regime, according to the dust and grime accumulation and the effort and time required. For example, cleaning the counter top and oven is a daily chore, but you can leave the degreasing of the oven for the weekend. Clearing the refrigerator is a weekly must but you can leave the thorough cleaning, defrosting and sanitization as a monthly schedule.

It is better to prepare a checklist for the kitchen and keep it hanging around, so that the tasks do not pile up and leave you in distress. Prepare three different lists, and go about checking off the tasks that you have already completed. Not only does it makes things easier, but it leaves you with an accomplished feeling, as you keep on checking the list.

Here is a checklist for kitchen cleaning, which might help you. You can customize it according to your priority and requirements.







Apart from daily, weekly and monthly cleaning, also see to it that the doors and windows of your kitchen is clean and unstained. Make it a habit to clean them after every couple of months. Clean the kitchen fans and the ceiling corners too. You need to make kitchen cleaning a habit for the health of your family. You can call in a professional kitchen cleaner bi-annually or annually for that thorough and perfect cleaning.