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Janitorial Cleaning Checklist

A janitorial cleaning checklist should include each and every space of an office starting right from the entrance to the last counter of the office kitchen counter. Since an average office space comprises of several separate divisions of work space, separate load of work being done in them and a big amount of constant visitors trafficking the areas, keeping the premises clean is essential for health safety.

A Janitorial Cleaning Checklist is maintained to keep a tab of the cleaning duties. It helps in allocating the tasks among the janitors and monitoring for its completion. Here is a checklist that can guide you for performing janitorial services at your commercial space, you can alter it according to the staffs on hand and the total size that you need to be cleaned. The frequency of the service also depends on the traffic and use.

It is required to segregate the total space to optimize cleaning. A general office can be divided as per the following categories:

1. Entrance and Exists

2. Lobby or Reception

3. Public waiting rooms

4. Conference rooms

5. Halls

6. Staircase and elevators

7. Public Restrooms

8. Employees’ restrooms

9. Office bay

10. Canteen and Kitchen area

Entrance and Exits


Reception or Lobby, Hallways and Conference Rooms


Restroom Cleaning


Staircase and Elevators


Thorough cleaning is required as these experience huge traffic

Office Bay

Kitchen and Canteen