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Hospital Cleaning Checklist

Hospitals must be kept clean for obvious reasons. People visit hospitals for healing, and cleanliness is certainly the first step of the process. A dirty and cluttered space becomes the breeding ground of harmful bacteria and virus as well as carrier pests and rodents. Well within the hospital premises, the patient’s rooms and testing labs, operation theatres and doctor/nurses bay should be thoroughly cleansed, sanitized and disinfected for the proper functioning of the hospital. There have been cases where the patient has been admitted to get cured for a disease and he has caught another within the hospital due to lack of hygiene. It is compulsory for hospitals to maintain health and safety standards to be in operation and for that regular, frequent cleaning is a must.

Maintaining a hospital cleaning checklist is essential to increase the efficiency of the cleaning staffs. It ensure that every corner has been attended to and there has been no slag of duty. Disinfectants and sterilizers need to be used in abundance along with powerful cleaning agents and tools to keep the visitors as well as the inpatients happy and healing.

Here is a compact hospital checking checklist that can monitor regular daily cleaning regime. It includes the general traffic areas of a hospital that need cleaning attention. Apart from the mentioned areas in this hospital cleaning checklist, there are common areas like the reception, staircases and elevators, visitors’ washrooms etc. For thorough cleaning and monthly or annual cleaning it is advised to avail the help of professional cleaners.



Bathrooms are breeding grounds of many harmful germs and bacteria. Well sanitized bathrooms are a must in hospitals to avoid spreading of diseases.



The hospital cafeteria should be properly cleaned to prevent contamination and keep it germ free.

Patient Rooms


Exam Rooms


Keeping the medical equipment clean and sanitized before every use is very important in a hospital.