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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Every household has a bathroom cleaning schedule. Usually smaller than the other rooms of a house, the bathrooms are easier to handle and clean if a regime is maintained. A clean and sparkling bathroom reflects the health and sanitary concern of the entire household.

Maintaining a clean bathroom also adds to the value of your property and reduce the cost of replacement and repair of sanitary equipment, plumbing materials as well as tiles and paints.

A routine clean-up is good enough, but often few things go unattended. Preparing a checklist and cleaning according to it ensures that every inch is attended and cleaned. All you need to do is check off as you clean.

To prepare a bathroom cleaning checklist prepare one for daily cleaning and another for a weekly deep cleaning. This will make both the tasks simpler.

Here are two checklists to help you in bathroom cleaning. You can use them or alter according to your requirements.

Daily Bathroom Cleaning Checklist


Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Checklist


Monthly Bathroom Cleaning Checklist


Hope you find the checklists useful and they help you maintain a happy and healthy home. For an intense annual cleaning call for a professional cleaner.