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After Builders Cleaning Checklist

If you have just had a renovation, extension or alteration at your residence recently, you must be aware of the mess that the builders’ leave behind. Clearing off their wastes and spills can be quite a task in itself. The dust and wooden fibers stuck at every corner of the house, the stone dust settled below the furniture and ledges, paint splashes around the house and huge load of trash to be thrown away!

Often people ask for professional help for after builder cleaning but you can do it yourself with a little help from the rest of the family, if you can keeps under control. Desperation will lead to more chaos. Maintaining a checklist, scheduling a dedicated time and taking proper protection can make the tame the typhoon and sparkle your property.

Remember to clean every open surface as well as hidden surfaces such as cabinets ,closets and drawers, all horizontal and vertical surfaces such as shelves, etc. clean all glass surfaces, removing stickers and construction debris, vacuuming all carpeted areas, etc.

Here is a complete checklist that can help you in the process. You can add and alter it as per your need.









Do not forget to clean the foyer, staircase, veranda and the attic along with the internal space.
Remove all the accumulated trash safely.
Remove any construction sign from the premises.